Contract Management Services


Preserve The Value Of Your Contracts

Our proven contract management methodologies enable us to provide early advice on how contracts can be set up and managed to avoid claims, and also how to deal with claims when they do occur. We have the ability to provide such advice for all stages of a project. 


Well-crafted contracts define responsibility, compensation, and risk, but without a monitoring process, the existence of these terms will not guarantee compliance. 

A fundamental strength of Biz Law Consult Myanmar is that we deliver high-quality services which account for our clients’ operational and commercial priorities in seeking to maximise their profitability. 

As part of this, we offer the benefits of an external eye and best-practice bench-marking. Manufacturers, constructors, construction specialists, administration services and legal practice firms frequently call on us to help secure their interests.

We Increase the Effectiveness of your Team

Biz Law Consult Myanmar's Contract Management professionals work as an extension of your existing team to develop and implement process improvements to better ensure compliance with third party agreements.

We offer support at all stages of the contract lifecycle. Whether you are seeking to develop effective service level agreements and key performance indicators, or if you simply need to create more efficient invoice review processes for your management team, our experts are ready to assist.

Our deep industry and category experience empowers stakeholders to:

  • Optimize operations
  • Achieve strategic objectives
  • Increase shareholder value

Vetting of Agreements & Contracts

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We operate and provide services across all the important stages of a project lifecycle:


  • Contractual and financial risk analysis
  • Audit of tendering documents/bidding files
  • Contract management training of the project team (project managers, buyers, legal advisors, controllers)
  • Introduction of new contract management approaches/methods
  • Contractual assistance to the client’s teams for writing and checking contractual documents
  • Defence strategy against overpayment


  • Writing of contractual letters, claims and contract variations
  • Assistance with costs and quantity control
  • Quantity surveying
  • Cost audit and proposals for corrective actions
  • Claim files analysis and negotiation process support
  • Permanent defence strategy against cost overruns
  • Pre-contention settlement at the fair cost

Project close-out:

  • Settlement of the final account
  • Assistance in dispute resolution
  • Assistance to lawyers in compiling supporting arbitration files
  • Commercial settlement strategies and negotiations.