Myanmar Trademark Agent for the Last frontier Jurisdiction of Asean.


Trademark Watch & Monitoring Services

New Trademark Law and regulation of Myanmar, awaits you from the last frontier jurisdiction of Asean Region.

 Myanmar's   its very first "Trademark Law " has been enacted,this paradigm shift shall be bring to you "Opportunities and Challenges.

Our trademark monitoring service gives you the flexibility to select in which countries you need to monitor your trademarks. 

You will receive alerts on new applications only if we recommend to file an opposition. All found records are analyst from our trademark attorneys and experts. It is not just an automated process. 

Myanmar Trademark Agent

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Trademark Investigations & Brand Protection Services

Professional Trademark Investigation Services (TMIS) led by  Myanmar's one and only " INTERPOL Certified Transnational and Organized (IP) Crime Investigator " for trade mark professionals and protection for brand owners in respect of counterfeiting and intellectual property infringement within Myanmar and its border area. 

Such services include trade mark usage, acquisition, compliance and infringement investigations.  

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Trademark Application Services

Myanmar's its very first trademark law together with provisions relating with  Geographical Indication has been enacted on 31st day of January,2019.

Among several notable changes, the new law introduces a "first-to-file" system that requires no evidence of prior use or ownership in Myanmar.  

There is no procedure for automatically re-registering marks which are recorded under the current system. Therefore, marks and geographical indications currently recorded with the Registry of Deeds and Assurance shall be re-applied once the new law is entered into force,diversely they will lose their validity.  

Biz Law Consult Myanmar will be circulated  valuable insight  and application service of  Trademark Protection in Myanmar in accordance with provisions under current practice and up coming new trademark law. 

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IP Commercialization Services

Having the right IP commercialization strategy and agreements in place to underpin business operations is essential for ongoing success and profitability.

Biz Law Consult Myanmar  devise commercialization strategies and then structure, negotiate and document a wide range of IP, licensing and commercial agreements to implement that strategy. 

This provides a practical framework to manage business relationships while minimising disputes and appropriately allocating risks.

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IP Litigation and Advisory Services

Creators, publishers and owners often require legal representation to protect their material. When trademark and copyright litigation becomes a business reality, secure your work with Biz Law Consult Myanmar.

Safeguard your music, video and other intellectual property. In close collaboration with you, our experts handle proceedings concerning trademark and copyright matters before courts within Myanmar jurisdiction.

Gain representation in trademark litigation, opposition and cancellation proceedings, as well as uniform domain name dispute resolution proceedings, mediations and arbitrations. 

Using both offensive and defensive litigation, Biz Law Consult Myanmar stands by your side in matters involving slogans, domain names, trade libel, reputation management and false advertising.

Manage contract, license and ownership disputes, including those regarding design rights in consumer products. 

Leverage our experts and lawyers to enforce your rights in matters regarding circumvention of encryption and copyright infringement, unfair competition, passing off false advertising, Anti Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Law and litigation. 

From temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions to litigation and negotiated settlements, we employ the most effective means to achieve your specific objectives.

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